> How can I create good fengshui in my office cubicle/ shared office space?


The answer to your question is easy. Yes, everything around you in the office influences your personal energy as everything is energy.

So, if a co-worker right next to you has really bad fengshui going on in his or her are, you will be influenced.

The only thing you can do is to take really good care of the fengshui of your own office area & establish clear boundaries. Here are some basic fengshui tips for cubical or shared office space:.

  • If you have your back to the door, be sure to find a way to see the reflection of the office entrance, meaning to have a view of what is going on behind your back. You can do that with any strategically placed office related as mirror .
  • Same of the fengshui must have for office are air-purifying plants & high energy items such as photo that carry the energy of happy  moments or bright , art object with vibrant colours.


Know that fengshui always works best when it is applied in a subtle way. Find office deco appropriate to improve your space, solutions that you like & that fit into the overall office environment.

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