> How to use colour in fengshui?



Colour is one of easiest way to shift the energy in your home or office & create good fengshui.

Each colour is an expression of one of the five fengshui elements: fire, earth, metal, water & wood. These elements are used in specific areas according to fengshui energy map of your space.

Choose the fengshui colours to create a harmonious fengshui space , choose the fengshui colours  according to the energy you need & bring them in to your space with wall colour, art, photo or various decor items.

FIRE element – passion & high energy


  • Fire is the dominant fengshui element of south are of your home or office.
  • Fire fengshui element colours are : red/ orange/ Purple/ pink/ dark yellow.


EARTH element – nourishment & stability


  • Earth is main fengshui element of Northeast & Southwest areas.
  • Fengshui earth elements colours are: Light yellow/  beige/ skin colour/ earthy/ sandy colour/ brown.


METAL element – clarity & preciseness


  • Metal is dominant fengshui element of west & northwest area of your home or office
  • Fengshui metal element colours are: Gray/ White/ silver.


WATER element – ease & abundance


  • Water in the fengshui element of North area of your home and office.
  • Fengshui water element colours are: Blue/ Black


WOOD element – growth & vitality


  • Wood is main fengshui element of East & Southeast area of
  • Fengshui wood element colour are: Green


Colour is like music, nourishing & uplifting.Do not be afraid to bring vibrant colours in to your space as colour is light & Ligh is our number one nutrient.


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